Secret Pleasures events are private parties, meaning you must be on a guest list to attend. You may either sign-up by contacting us via email, text or voice to be on the discreet Secret Pleasures guest list.

Entrance Fees:   Most of our events do have an entrance fee payable in cash or credit.  Below are the standard fees for most our events.  These fees are subject to change.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Saturday Night Events 9pm to 3am:   $45 for MF Couples  and  $65 for Males
Wed Day Events 12pm to 3pm:    $25 for MF Couples  and  $45 for Males

Saturday Night Party starts at 9pm  and ends when the last female leaves or at 3am, whichever comes first, so don’t arrive too late. Again, the party ends at 3am at the latest and sleeping is not allowed on the premises. 

Address:   Secret Pleasures is located at the Back Door of the Wi Fi Cafe at 422 Chestnut, St, Emmaus, PA

No Membership or personal invite is required at Secret Pleasures.   The general public off the street is not allowed in. You must be on a guest list to attend an event and please sign up early to help the list grow and become a better event. The key to successful swinging is advertising yourself and one way to do that is to be on the event guest lists and attend lots of events.

All events are strictly BYOB,   but all mixers will be provided. We will not sell alcohol. All non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, food, condoms, and lube are included with the entrance fee. All staff members are unpaid friends just helping out, so tips are appreciated.

These are private on-premise events, not a hotel ballroom events, so anything goes anywhere inside the premises. There is no need to wait until you get back to a hotel room. You can play as hardcore as you wish anywhere inside. There are private and semi-private play areas, but you’re not required to use them. Many just use the clean leather couches, a chair, a stripper pole or just the floor. We don’t mind where you play, as long as you have fun. Swinger Etiquette needs to be followed at all times and no violence, prostitution, drugs, or weapons are allowed. No photograph or video recording is allowed in open areas or semi-private areas. Respect others and their privacy.

Dress Code:  The dress code ranges from casual and clean to super sexy and naked. Club apparel or lingerie works well. Ladies are welcome to walk around naked. The idea is to attract others to want to play with you, so ripped shirts or pants, sweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts or dirty clothing are not appropriate attire. Costumes are always encouraged for themed events to enhance the party atmosphere, but costumes are not required. Dress to impress.